$ 4.50

$ 9.00


These are the misfits! The rapscallions of the Frontier Angel family! These little guys are the wrong color, have a dent in it, or they were uncooperative in the texture or cutting process, some of them are just not quite the right size! Sometimes, when I'm developing a new scent I will have soap that isn't even available on the shelves yet!

We offer these lovely and unique (sometimes, very unique!) bars at a discount to you. They come with no label. If they are noticeably smaller, we will include a extra soap to make up the difference!

The SECONDS are offered with minimum purchase of 6. This can include regular bars as well. If your order includes seconds, but does not have at least 6 bars, we will have to cancel the order. Choice of scent is based on availabiliy, and is offered at first come, first served.