Curly Soap Flakes
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Curly Soap Flakes

Curly Soap Flakes are brilliant household cleaning product. For one, this product is as natural and non-toxic as any of our products. It is also a by product that was often wasted because it doesn't meet our aesthetic standards. 

Curly Soap Flakes can be used for most of your home cleaning needs, from mopping the floor to gentle washing your sweaters (instructions and suggestions included in each pack of CSF, unless a minimal packaging option is chosen).

What I use this product for most is washing dishes. I deplore plastic bottles and used bar soap for this task before I discovered this option. The quick and extensive instructions for this use is: put water in a small bowl, add about a teaspoon of CSF, dip your sponge or scrubber, and wash away. I will sometimes let it set in the water for a couple minutes before use, and I will often use warm water, but that is the long and short of that. It works wonderfully and it feels so good to be doing such a common task with such a quality product.

Curly Soap Flakes are colored and scented with high quality essential oils, herbs and clays and made with food grade saponified oils.

Coming Soon: bulk and refill sizes- with discounted prices, and unscented/no color batches- with premium pricing (because of the limited nature), gift packs include a bowl, dish brush and CSF in a reusable muslin bag.