Our story

Frontier Angel is a company dedicated to providing
wholesome earth conscious body care.

Today, there are so many options for body care products, but the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a store display, faced with dozens of personal care options, and you with that deer in the headlights look? Sure, you could read all of the labels checking for "clean" ingredients, but who has time for that? I totally get it, this was once my dilema.

When my son was born, I searched exhaustively for products that were as natural as possible. We both had sensitive skin and I wanted soap that wasn't overly perfumed, without dangerous additives that could make us sick, and preferably packaged eco-friendly. But I had a hard time finding exactly what I was looking for. I learned that just because a label said "organic" or "natural", that didn't really mean anything and was sometimes very far from the truth. Being a creative and resourceful person, I decided to develop my own green body care line. And Frontier Angel Soap was born. 

If you are asking yourself; how do I find products are good for my body AND don’t impact the environment negatively? You're in the right place.

It all starts with our preferred ingredients; the best quality non-GMO vegetable oils and organic/fairly traded butters. All of our products are scented with our proprietary essential oil blends custom mixed in house.  If colorants are used, we only use botanical infusions to create an unparalleled range of gorgeous natural colors. Our products are presented in either recyclable or compostable packaging (glass, aluminum, or recycled paper).

But it's not just our great ingredients, it's also what we don't use that sets us apart:

  • No Preservatives (because our products are water free and don't need them)
  • No Sulfates (because petrolatum is a non-renewable resource and it doesn't belong on our hair)
  • No Synthetic fragrances (because yuck, right? Also bad for those with allergies and skin sensitivities)
  • No Artificial colorants (because herbs + spices are colorful)
  • No Plastic (because we can do better than that)

South Yuba River at BridgeportOur workshop is located in the rural Sierra foothills of California and it's where we make all of our products from our own formulas using the highest quality ingredients in small, handmade batches.  We made a commitment from day one to keep manufacturing local and never outsource overseas or to large faceless manufacturing facilities. Our team is a small, but dedicated group working towards creating a legacy of doing good on a global scale and moving away from outdated manufacturing practices and questionable ingredients.

While soap is our cornerstone product, we make a complementary line of everyday body care products; aluminum free deodorant, sulfate free shampoo, and skin healing balms. We don't use any plastic packaging, because recycling just isn't good enough anymore.

Doing something good for yourself and for our environment is easy when you use Frontier Angel products.