Shampoo Bars - Formulated for Normal Hair
$ 11.00

Shampoo Bars - Formulated for Normal Hair

For normal hair we recommend this shampoo. Rosemary and lavender essential oils have a long history in hair care products. Ours is the most natural shampoo on the market with a very small environmental footprint, no plastic and no harmful ingredients.  Everything derived from natural ingredients.  A win/win for people and planet!

Our shampoo is not soap. The pH of handmade soap is too high for use on hair.We've removed the water from traditional liquid shampoo, ditched the artificial fragrances, the preservatives, the sulfates, fake colorants, and even the plastic!
We spared no expense with the surfactants (the bubbly part) and found some luxe and super eco-friendly ingredients derived from coconuts and apples, gentle on the youngest scalp and safe for color treated hair. Loaded with conditioners, like rice protein and premium organic cocoa butter and shea, scented with our proprietary essential oil blends, and specifically selected herbs and clays to benefit hair health. And the cherry on top?  No plastic container, because we believe that recycling plastic just isn't enough anymore.  Our shampoo is packaged in a recyclable/compostable paper box.
How to use: Get your hair wet, rub the bar directly on hair and work into a lather, rinse.  No need to repeat.  If you need extra conditioning, go ahead, but you may find you don't need to. With proper care (keep it dry in between use), your bar could last a very long time!

Ingredients: sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, cetyl Alcohol, castor oil, organic cocoa butter, hydrolyzed rice protein, essential oils, green clay, herbal infusions.