End cuts blow out!
$ 15.00

$ 107.00

End cuts blow out!

The End Cuts Blow-Out has more soap in it than ever before!

The ECB is the byproduct of lots of soap making...our popular end cuts!  Limited time deal, get 2 pounds (actually a little over 32 ounces) of our fabulous soap. This is more than $30 worth of soap for $15.

No labels or fancy packaging, just soap in a box.  You'll receive well over a dozen pieces 1/2" or larger in a small flat rate USPS box. 

If you are interested in receiving a larger quantity, we can make up a medium flat rate box for you. Email for pricing and availability.

Offer details:

This offer is for a very limited time only and may not be repeated.  If you order this item, you cannot add any other products as the shipping charge is included.